A new entertainment show for visitors will start in Osaka -- the city where many traditional arts boasting to the world were born.
The name is "Osaka Night Culture". It contains "OSAKA Traditional Entertainment" that made use of traditional arts and “Non-Verbal Entertainment” which is Chambara scene with dancing female fencers.
The venue is Osaka's two major tourist spots, Dotonbori and the New World.
Anyway, please enjoy Osaka's new popular and fun entertainment show “Osaka Night Culture”.

「Bunraku Show」

~Comic stories teller guides the fun of Bunraku~
Supervision: Ichisuke Yoshida

Bunraku: Japanese Traditional Puppet’s Show

Entertainment show of “Bunraku Puppets” supervised by Bunraku Puppeteer Ichisuke Yoshida

Time for photography and experience how to operate a Bunraku puppet during the performance.

[Jan 20(sun) - 24(Thu), 2018]
[Show at 19:00-20:00 / 20:30-21:30]
*Doors open 15 minutes before start of performance.

Narrator : Yasutayu Toyotake
Shamisen: Seijyou Tsuruzawa , Enjirou Tsuruzawa
Bunraku Puppeteer: Minojirou Yoshida(19:00)and others / Ichisuke Yoshida(20:30)and others
[Presenter/Bunraku commentary]
Sankichi Katura(Comic stories teller)

•Prologue by Sankichi Katsura
•Explanation of Bunraku (Tayu/Shamisen) and Bunraku puppets by Comic stories teller
•Experience how to operate a Bunraku pupeet
•Performance “Datemusume kohinohiganoko Hinomiyagura”

Bunraku is one of Japan’s representative traditional performing arts. It is a closely collaborative form which synchronizes narrative recitation, shamisen music and puppetry in performance.

Pictures of Bunraku Show 2017

[Admission]Advance 2,500 yen/Doors 3,000 yen (General seating)

[Where to purchase tickets]
◎Home page

◎Ticket Pia http://t.pia.jp/ tel:0570-02-9999 
「Bunraku Show」(P Code:483-598)
Purchase tickets at counters of Ticket Pia, Seven-Eleven, and Circle K Sunkus.(P Code is required.)



Tickets Today
Daimaru Shinsaibashi, Dotonbori(TONBORI BASE), Kyoto Tower, etc.

[Contact Us]Fesnet

[Venue]National Bunraku Theatre, Small Hall
1-12-10, Nippon-bashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka City, 542-0073

I minute walk from Exit7
*Nipponbashi Osaka Metro Sta.(Sakaisuzi Line,Sennichimae Line)
*Kintetsu Nipponbashi Sta.(Kintetsu Nara Line).
For an access to an elevator,please take exit 10.

Techinical Director: Toshito Yamazoe (Kansai Stage Co.Ltd)
Public relations: Kanako Ikeda (i・directions)
General Producer: Toshimi Matsubara
Planning and Production: Fesnet
Organizer: Kansai Stage Co.Ltd